February 16, 2009

MoH e-health pre-investment proposal

It is again one of those busy times of the year. Today I'll focus not on open EC calls for proposals or this week's e-health conference in Prague but on local activities.

The Ministry of health of the Republic of Slovenia is preparing the e-health pre-investment proposal that would tie funds from European Social Fund and national budget to enactment of e-health2010 strategy as prepared by the Ministry in 2005.

As consulting experts some of us are participating in preparing the content part of the proposal.
I must say that even though time is slim and everybody is rushing, there is still good energy abound and I have a good feeling about the whole thing.

The reason for preparing the pre-investment proposal is (beside formal requirements of European Commission) to define a limited number of optimal approaches (organizational, technical, content related) to reaching the goals of the strategy.

For the first time there are some specific figures and a cut-down number of possibilities to decide between. And again it strikes me how easy it is to dream of elaborate integrative solutions but how difficult and expensive it is to put them into practice.

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