March 14, 2009

US 2010 budget and health Care IT

The below plan by the administration seems promising in terms of financial incentives (first soft then hard) on the adoption of IT in health care:

Excerpt from Budget of the US government states for 2010 (health care related)
'Accelerates the Adoption of health Information Technology (IT). Building on the historic $19 billion investment in the recovery Act, the Administration will continue efforts to further the adoption and implementation of health IT—an essential tool to modernize the health care system. The recovery Act offers physicians and hospitals participating in the Medicare
program temporary incentive payments starting in 2011 for using a certified electronic health record (EHr), followed by financial penalties starting in 2015 for failure to use such a system. It also offers incentive payments to Medicaid providers, including physicians and children’s hospitals, to assist with the purchase, implementation, and use of certified EHr technology.'

It however requires a well developed and regulated market of EHr. In Slovenia for example the issue of IT adoption is also on the table these days, but the market is not yet in a situation to support such incentives but to turn them the other way around - the market playing the buyers and the government.

Let's see what happens across the pond.
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