April 23, 2009

just a couple of thoughts on web 2.0

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I have just stumbled upon the ingenious 2007 youtube video about web2.0. After reading the RWW post on consequences of social web I started thinking about the 'everything can and will be used against us' attitude. I tried to imagine a parallel in healthcare. I guess patientslikeme.com would do as an example, even though it currently only supports very serious chronic disease follow-up that enforces the principle of 'when I'm seriously ill it doesn't matter much if anyone else sees my healthcare information as long as it gives me an extra chance of improvement' or helps us cope with the disease through networking with patients with similar problems. But let us think of the vast ammount of websites offering free monitoring and reminder services - the business model behind several of them is creating value of habits and personal characteristics of users - albeit in a more sophisticated, AI way (instead of plain simple reselling of personal information). Profiling and segmentation works in health2.0, too.
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