May 16, 2009

MOOVME at MiniSeedcamp in Ljubljana

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Mini Seedcamp Ljubljana is behind us. Our team, now settled as Activis d.o.o. presented MOOVME, the rebranded 42trainer idea that won ITIME business challenge. It is still in development phase so no official previews are available yet.

The overall experience was great, with interesting feedback from 1 on 1 mentors sessions and dinner that provided some further opportunities to mingle with investors and entrepreneurs including Dragos Ilinca from UBERVU, Robin Klein, Mike Butcher from TechCrunch, Christian Hernandez from Google and others. They provided me with interesting feedback on competition, business models and roll-out.

Zemanta team did a great job in supporting the organization and I don't doubt Aleš, Boštjan and Andraž were also behind securing the international attendance of investors.

Attending the Managerial Accounting E-MBA module at Cotrugli Business School - and thinking a lot about the received feedback - I've had an interesting discussion over today's lunch with Mr Emmanuel Zilberberg, our lecturer. We briefly went over a new business model idea for moovme and I am anxious to research it into more detail.
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