July 20, 2009

Cotrugli Business School Gala 2009

CBS Gala Evening 2009 is behind us. Thanks to Daniela Bervar and the rest of CBS team the event was just the right combination of 'high-flying' and 'cosy'.
Excellent food, solid wine and dominican cigars combined with great company. I was lucky enough to get to know the newly started 7th MBA generation just the week before while attending the Entrepreneurship module with Prof Esteban Brennes that I missed due to ITIME challenge.
I was happy to talk to Prof Anthony J Evans again and finally had the chance to introduce my wife to Mateja Forštnarič.
The evening ended soon for several of us as we needed to return to Zagreb early in the morning to attend the mind-boggling Decision making module by Prof Pekec from Duke.

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