July 9, 2009

National Health Care Portal activities in Slovenia

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Slovene Ministry of Health has published the call for industry to join the so called 'expert dialogue' for potential applicants to the (foreseen) Autumn Call for proposals to develop the framework of zVEM - National Health Care portal of Slovenia.
I am happy for them to have decided for this option instead of going straight into the call given the slim time the expert group (which I had the privilege to chair) had to prepare the specifications for the call.
The occasion is suitable to also comment the ideas presented at recent HIT industry roadshow that MoH coorganized with Slovene Chamber of Commerce and where industry was supposed to present their best in relation to Slovene eHealth strategy.
The newcomers to eHealth scene provided for some insider puns and laughs (TIS with 'we can do all' quotas). A couple of them were just shots in the dark (WiseTech - perhaps there was a message they wanted to deliver but have failed to do so).
On the other hand some presentors demonstrated solid depth of understanding of local issues and global trends. We were missing however some of the big local players and products (HSL, MARAND) and some of the upcoming ones (Marg, Medical Chamber with its secret new EHR).

The pressure is rising here in Slovenia.

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