July 22, 2009

Sweden's new National Patient Summary Record

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An excertp from the media on Sweden launching National Patient Summary Record:

The NPÖ holds a significant amount of demographic and clinical data. This includes personal identification information, next of kin, diagnosis and allergies, medicines, care documents, test results including image diagnostics, scheduled and effected contacts and plan options for care.

Project manager Eva Leach Elfgren added: “The patient has a right to say no to a record, but to do so they have to visit their GP, they are also given a list of care professionals who have had accessed or changed their record.”

Obviously this is a great effort and a practice to be followed in Slovenia as well. Interestingly enough, they have chosen the 'opt out' model for users (which - based on feedback from users - seems to work up north) and Sundhed's proven user empowerment in terms of access control - users can view access logs of their personal records and I imagine an instrument is available for them to start the procedure of reporting and assessing abuse and inappropriate use by physicians. Even though this is a practice that enables fast adoption, it is hard to say whether the opt-out and user generated control of access would work in Slovenia. The general attitude in Slovenia towards health related information on the web and joining together different databases is quite drawn back. Security is the catch-phrase and it threatens to hold back the implementation of innovative web/mobile-based solutions - even though there are several cases of best practices around the globe showing how these things can be done without compromising security.
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