August 25, 2009

JMIR awards PatientsLikeMe

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Journal of Medical Internet Research that recently positioned Nr. 1 in the eHealth field with Impact Factor 3,6 has awarded with JMIR Medicine2.0(R) Award for "Patients Informing Practice: Post-Marketing Drug Data in PatientsLikeMe, an Patient-Centered Online Community" by Jeana H Frost, Sally Okun, Paul Wicks, and James Heywood.
The whole idea of PatientsLikeMe opened many new opportunities including the one presented in the paper or the one I tend to call the self-purification effect (?), where the most relevant content sources (i.e. more experienced patients) outweight the less relevant, inaccurate or even fake ones. Looking forward to their full presentation at Medicine 2.0 Congress in September.
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