August 15, 2009

Rows over NHS

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I have picked up a debate about the U.K.'s National Health Service (again thanks to Prof. Anthony J Evans) following the commments on NHS given by MP Daniel Hannah when comparing the US and UK health care (the blog post and following debate can be found here).
I found it quite interesting in view of foreseen legislative changes in health care here in Slovenia which I have just happened to discuss earlier today with a business partner of mine with good insight.
I have no first hand experience with NHS so my comments on whether the comments have any weight would be irrelevant.
But Slovene health care is also facing some tough times. The threats of (1) disintegration of public primary health care organizations due to migration of services to private providers with concessions and (2) the fact that several physicians offer both public and private services (often after-hours) are driving the new health care law proposal writers into some interesting and potentially dangerous proposals. Forbidding public/private mix might be one of them. But cutting off private services drops income proportionately. Would you be ready to receive a let's say 35% cut in income? I guess several of them wouldn't, either. Which means they will find other ways to get the money or they might just happen to take the streets.
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