August 26, 2009

Shared Record for Primary Care Guidelines

Royal College of General Practitioners in the UK has published as they call it, a set of professionally led guidelines that would consider the governance, medico-legal and patient safety consequences of Shared Electronic Patient Record (SEPR) systems in primary care, available here.
Shared Electronic Patient Records are emerging as one of the important means to improve resource utilization (including reduction of repeated examinations, tests etc) and reduce medical errors. The implementations are relatively scarce at the moment (but 'budding' at an increasing speed) , including among others Scottish SCR, KeiserPermanente in the US and to some extent also repositories such as Medcom/
What I find useful is the fact that the report focuses on examining record sharing in a generic way - not related to particular systems or architectures. This gives others (such as our own Ministry's eHealth project) an opportunity to use their findings.
In light of the rollercoaster ride of Slovenia's legislation in the field of IT health care it would be wise to take these documents into account.

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