December 10, 2009

PubMed goes semantic - GoPubMed(R)

I have stubled upon a promising tool for making boring(?) PubMed searches obsolete. The tool has won the Best of the best Red dot award in 2009 and it is called GoPubMed(R).
So can we forget stringent MeSH terminology based search protocols - usually the basis of 'serious' literature reviews? Not really, but there's plenty of other features that help a researcher save a lot of time.

What I really like is the time dynamics of publications helping you spot trends in content and in author influence. The other is influence network of authors that helps you identify important authors in seconds. I tested it for my own field of research and it works just fine (and again, in seconds:)

Thanks to @ehealthnews for the twitter post.

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Unknown said...

I like all bio search engines but my favorite, for practical purposes of searching protocols and powerpoints, is