November 8, 2010

So what else is new? A more personal post.

The last couple of weeks have definitely been 'interesting', to say the least. Following the PhD defence was my MBA graduation ceremony at Cotrugli Business School, where I finished my E-MBA program. I was pleased to be awarded the Dean's Award for Exceptional Achievements with four of my fellow students and given the opportunity to be a co-valedictorian at the award ceremony.
Apart from that I am facing a new complex challenge - as of 1st November I am taking over the position of Head of Centre for Healthcare Informatics (analogous to a CIO position) at National Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Slovenia. Following a year of my engagement at NIPHRS as advisor to CEO I see this advancement as an opportunity to put into practice the strategic work of the past year. The Institute is currently going through a trasformation by its current CEO, Marija Seljak and I am looking forward to all the challenges we are facing in creating a more responsive, goal oriented and efficient organization.
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