August 5, 2011

Building momentum for eHealth at MoH - two thumbs up this time.

I have been rather disillusioned with the national eHealth project in Slovenia in my previous post. This was mostly related to a seeming lack of MoH understanding of the eHealth landscape complexity, reflecting itself in an awkward call for eHealth Sector Head.
I notice with pleasure that nurses, medical doctors and pharmacists are now eligible to apply for the newly published call for three further posts at MoH's newly set up Sector for eHealth. Thumbs up to MoH for listening to the voices from the crowd.
All in all a build-up of a proper team is finally taking place at MoH and intense efforts are being put into producing the new law on health care data, likely reflecting the urgent need to set up the National Centre for Health care Informatics. Inability to set up the Centre was a major MoH issue in the past and now they seem to have found the momentum to overcome this. Another 'thumbs up' for that as well.

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