September 17, 2011

Medicine 2.0 2011 Stanford University

This year's Medicine 2.0 is happening in Silicon Valley in California. The location adds an interesting (entrepreneurial?) touch to the event. Stanford Summit (a satellite event happening the day before Medicine 2.0) was what I'd call 'American Style', full of hype generation and US eHealth celebrities.
Today it was more down to earth:) and back to research. We've heard Gunther Eysenbach speaking on infodemiology, Jennifer Aaker on utilising social media to do good, and a lot of other highly renowned experts in the field (like Peter Murray, Kevin Clauson).
For those interested in following the event, it's simple - just follow the twitter #med2 hashtag or go to
I also try to tweet what I find interesting @matic_meglic.
Next year's Medicine 2.0 will be in Boston. I'm already looking forward.

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