February 15, 2012

Tips&Tricks: CIP funded projects for Public Organizations

Today our Ministry of science and technology organized an information day to present the 6th Call of CIP ICT PSP programme by the EC. I had the pleasure to present some of the tips&tricks based on my experience gained from participating in two CIP projects. I structured the recommendations around the things to have in mind while:
  • creating the proposal (i.e. how to ensure remaining funding; to be careful about other direct cost where own participation cannot be contributed in kind)
  • formalising the project (i.e. keeping an eye on possible common fund pooling - reducing EC contribution on partner level)
  • doing the actual work (i.e. cash flow issues, partner exits as opportunities, avoidance of double staff reporting, application of local procurement legislation)
  • and not forgetting its sustainability and possible intellectual property rights issues.
I also did a short pro/contra of CIP to other programmes.The presentation is in Slovene language. We've also listened to the presentation on the upcoming CEF framework by Maruška Damjan. Kudos to Samo Zorc for organizing the event and to ZIT @ Chamberce of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia for hosting it.

Thanks for all the positive feedback!

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